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Robert Kalweit


Multimediaproject 2 by André Langner, Oliver Bothe and Robert Kalweit

Interactive Movie & Voodoo puppet

What looks quite simple here has been way more complex in combination with our gorilla Voodoo puppet. The puppet was equipped with an Arduino board and sensors. So you could bring arms and legs into position much more naturally, while here you gotta finding the right keyboard combination.


Use the following keys to position the arms and legs and to simulate a banana, longboard, lasersword, e-guitar etc. being put into place. Positions are from your point of view (so "right arm" actually means the gorillas left arm).

Left arm Right arm Left leg Right leg
Toggle something
at hand/feet
2 3 4 5
Up W E R T
Center S D F G
Down X C V B

Furthermore use 6 to place something on the gorillas head and 7 to feed him.