Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
— J. Robert Oppenheimer, quoting from Bhagavadgita

Civilization. Mother of all strategy games. Destroyer of spare time.
— Robert Kalweit

Civ 1 & 2

Ever since I had a PC I was playing Civilization. The first part, all squares, units being only icons, the legendary palace. Great experience. Civ 2 was ever so more challenging. I was a kid, had a lot of fun, but never made it to higher levels of difficulty.

Civ 3

The third part was a major improvement in graphics and gameplay. Strategic resources played a more important role and again I played lots of games. Unfortunately most of the games (in higher difficulty levels) “ended” in a cold-war stalemate: About 5-6 remaining civilizations, one of them (if I played well that was me) as powerful as 2 and 3 combined. Everyone had a mutual protection pact with everyone else so you knew: If you’re gonna attack one – you’re end up at war with everyone!

Civilization 4

Rhye's and Fall of CivilizationsIn my opinion one of the best games of all times! Of course one needs to play it with the Beyond the Sword expansion. There you have everything you need: Espionage, religion, a mix of civics you can choose to customize your empire to your way to victory.

As I have spent probably ideal man-months playing Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization, an incredibly realistic world-simulation. Here’s a more detailed review and resource compendium.

After I “finished” Rhye’s and Fall I wanted to win a game of Civilization 4 on Deity difficulty. This turned out to be the biggest challenge of all. Read more about my attempts and the game that I finally succeeded here.

Civilization 5

Civilization 5In Civilization 5 it’s much easier to brag with my progress and achievements! They’re on Steam! Check ’em out here:

One of the dedications of this entire page is to provide resources and strategy guides for the most challenging Civilization 5 Steam achievements. I usually blog about them. Check it out! Most of them are of course dealing with scenarios and Deity-strategies, but there’s also guides for winning scenarios with other civilizations (that although challenging don’t grant a Steam Achievement). Have fun browsing and let me know what you think (or like and share on Facebook).

Get Civilization

Every part of Civilization came with various expansion packs/addons. Here’s a list of the all-in-one packages:


Sid Meier’s Civilization is ancient by now. You’ll probably get it cheaper on platforms that share old DOS games, but here are some Amazon links:
[amazon template=multinational&chan=default&asin[us]=B000FKKVHW&asin[uk]=B0009XQEUS&asin[de]=B00004TOCD]

Civilization II

[amazon template=multinational&chan=default&asin[us]=B00002SVBV&asin[uk]=B0002OAI2Y&asin[de]=B00004TPEF]

Civilization III

[amazon template=multinational&chan=default&asin[us]=B00029QR7O&asin[uk]=B0017TDGG8&asin[de]=B00264U1H0]

Civilization IV

[amazon template=multinational&chan=default&asin[us]=B0026EGO3A&asin[uk]=B000W2FICG&asin[de]=B001TCOQ12]

Civilization V

Watch out! To play these games apparently you need Steam. Even if you order the boxed set. I personally think that’s awesome, because it brings you all the great Steam Achievements!

[amazon template=multinational&chan=default&asin[us]=B00HWMP0TU&asin[uk]=B00HVEGL7O&asin[de]=B00HEOGPXG]

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