Rhye’s and Fall of Egypt


Egypts unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Have more than 500 Culture in 700 BC
  2. Have more than 5000 Culture in 450 AD
  3. Build the Pyramids, the Great Library, and the Great Lighthouse by 450 AD

Unique Power

Pharaoh: Hereditary Rule and Slavery enabled at start.

Unique Building – Obelisk

unique building

Unique Unit – War chariot

Rhye's and Fall Egypt Unique Unit War ChariotCompared with many other civs unique units, the war chariot is basically useless. During the ages you can build it – there’s not opponent to fight. They’re useless against the barbarians coming from Sahara desert and they’re outdated once you might need to go to battle.

Egyptian Strategy

Egypt is a challenging UHV. Unfortunately it is lacking in variety. You go for culture, build loads of wonders, defend against barbarians and that’s pretty much it.

Also it is too weak to compete with civilizations appearing in the middle ages. After making the Unique Historical Victory you will find yourself with a mediocre civilization not able to compete on the battlefield.

Here’s as quick summary:

  • Place your capital in range of marble, stone and wheat (there’s only 1 spot to do so)
  • Spam wonders
  • Found a 2nd city and get the Great Lighthouse done

The usual official strategy guides are still here:

I managed to keep Egypt stable until the middle of the 18th century:

Rhye's and Fall Egypt during the late 18th century.
Egypt during the late 18th century.

As you can see I regarding city placement I followed the guide by Abegweit in every detail.

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