Rhye’s and Fall of Mali


Malis unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Be the 1st in gold in 1300 AD
  2. Have 5000 gold in 1500 AD
  3. Have 20000 gold in 1700 AD

Unique Power

Wealth: +1 commerce in every land plot.

Unique Building – Mint

unique building

Unique Unit – Skirmisher

Rhye's and Fall Mali Unique Unit Skirmisher

The Malinese Skirmisher is a pretty good unique unit, facing the fact that you’ll play mainly defensive. First you’ll have to defend your young country against Native Impis, later you’ll be faced with Barbarian Camel Archers. Only Turkey or on really rare occasions Arabia will send serious armies against you later. So for the early game the Skirmisher suffices: Having +25% more city defense, 4 instead of 3 base strength and 1-2 first strikes makes it a great replacement for the normal archer.

Malinese Strategy

Rhye’s and Fall Mali is a pain. It is incredibly challenging (this time meaning difficult) and sometimes you haven’t the slightest bit of influence on whether you make it or not.

Exploit: The Viking start

I thought a Viking start might do the trick. Mainly because the Vikings hoard loads of Gold and thus are likely to ruin your first goal.

Playing the Vikings first, I sent 2 galleys down Africa and founded Birka (Daloa) and Carolusborg (Imu). Both cities had at least a harbor when Mali spawned and I took over, so I thought that would help. It didn’t. Someone in Asia must have had more money than I in 1300 AD:

The next attempt – The 3.000 Gold fail

I followed the official guide and had amassed 3.000 Gold by the end of the 12th century. Apparently this wasn’t enough.

Rhye's and Fall Mali 3000 Gold Fail
Accumulating 3.000 Gold was not enough either.

Finally: The UHV in Rhye’s and Fall Mali

I followed the official guide (below) to the last detail.

Here’s as quick summary:

  • found Abdju (1 SE of the start) and grow it on floodplains with cottages and work the gold ASAP
  • research ONLY fishing and sailing -> after that: 0% research
  • settle Wadan (in Carthage) between wheat and sheep
  • whip 1 more settler -> settle on the elephant in Morocco to get iron ASAP
  • defend against Impi hordes with axemen
  • build markets and grocers in all cities, also granaries and harbors for growth and health

The usual official strategy guides are still here:

Without this guide, I would have never made the UHV. Bottom line Rhye’s and Fall Mali is in my opinion THE hardest UHV in the entire mod. I made it last, only for the sake of completing them all:

Rhye’s and Fall Mali – Beyond the UHV

Unlike most other civilizations, Mali is not very much fun playing after making the UHV. First you’re behind in technology, due to your focus on gold. You’re not very powerful, have no army (also for the sake of wealth) and no vassals.

This can change later in the game, with other civilizations collapsing, while your stability rating remains quite stable. Here’s how it looked for me towards the end of the 20th and early in the 21st century:

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