Rhye’s and Fall of Rome


Romes unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Each city controlled in 450 AD which size is >=5 is connected to the capital and has got Barracks, an Aqueduct and an Amphitheatre
  2. Control in 450 AD all the area historically comprehended in the Western Roman Empire
  3. Never lost a single city to barbarians before 1400 AD

Rome UHV 2

Unique Power

Infrastructure: Roads within Roman borders allow 4X unit movement instead of 2X.

Unique Building – Forum

unique building

Unique Unit – Praetorian

Rhye's and Fall Rome Unique Unit Praetorian

Nothing special about the Praetorian – it replaces the swordsman (6 base strength) and has 8 base strength instead. Promoted with bonuses against melee units it’s the only unit that can stop marauding Barbarian hordes in Central Europe and Iberia from wreaking havoc in your empire.

Roman Strategy

Playing Rhye’s and Fall Rome is challenging. Close to impossible without the Great Wall, as Barbarian hordes come sweeping through your empire if you don’t relentlessly defend yourself.

Rhye's and Fall Rome - Great Wall
The Great Wall protecting the Roman Empire

Here’s as quick summary:

  • crush Carthage immediately
  • rush for Greece to get their wonders and Athens as production spot
  • settle France and Spain
  • (my personal flavor) found London and move your capitol there!!!

It’s been about 3 years, since I played this, so I won’t go much into detail. For that, please refer to the official guides linked below.

Rhye’s and Fall Rome – Research Path

In the limited time you have, you’ll need to build 5 settlers. There are two Celtic cities in France, so you need 2 settlers for Spain, 1 more for France (if Paris doesn’t spawn), 1 for London and 1 more for Northern Africa. Also you’ll need the Great Wall in Rome to protect yourself from the Barbarians.

Rhye's and Fall Rome - World Wonders at the time of UHV
Wonderful Rome

To get there, follow this research path:

  1. Agriculture – build some farms, mainly for Mediolanum
  2. Mathmatics – finally catapults
  3. Construction – the Great Wall
  4. Monarchy – improving the Wine for happiness and food

It also helps tremendously to get the Moai statues built in Rome. In fact, Rome has 2 sea resources in range, 10 ocean fields altogether, so go for it!

With all this production, even more wonders in Rome are possible. Here’s what I managed to get until the UHV:

Rhye’s and Fall Rome – Crushing Carthage and Greece

Load your Praetorians onto the galleys and ship them to Carthage. Better wipe ’em out early before they become a threat. After that you’ll head for Athens. In a few turns your young Roman Empire included the once “mighty” Carthage, Greece and all Italy.

Rhye’s and Fall Rome – Expanding the Empire

By then there should be some Celtic cities in France. Capture them. Create a good road network between your cities. Also that’s vital to get settlers around more quickly.

I built my two Spanish cities by the coast, so they grow quicker, making use of the sea resources.

Rhye's and Fall Rome - France and England spawn
France and England spawn

Use one of your early galleys and send it to the British Channel. Once the settler who is to become London is ready, send him north on your roads, embark him, found London ASAP. Bring some workers to Britannia quickly, to improve London and build the UHV-required buildings. Same for your other cities.

By the time Spain spawns, you should have already started building a new palace in London. This way, when England spawns (after Spain and France), London will stay yours, as your capital never flips. This will weaken England big time and scatter their spawned units across the tiny island.

Pacifist (see official guides) of course has some even better plans 😉

The usual official and much more detailed strategy guides are still here:

2 thoughts on “Rome”

  1. Good guide, but it is still hard to win…. Spain and France always raze me with their uncountable troops.
    Buena guía, pero sigue siendo muy dificil ganar…. España y Francia siempre me arrasan con sus innumerables tropas.

    1. Hehe, thanks! And yes: No guide unfortunately is good enough to guarantee victory – it still depends (unfortunately) on a lot of luck sometimes. Good luck! 🙂

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