Rhye’s and Fall of the Vikings


The Vikings’ unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Have 5000 gold in 1500 AD
  2. Sink 30 ships
  3. Be the first to found a city in America

Unique Power

Raid: 5x Gold obtained from pillages.

Unique Building – Trading Post

unique building

Unique Unit – Berserker

Rhye's and Fall Viking Unique Unit Berserker

Berserker replace maces, have a +10% bonus against cities and start with amphibian. This resembles the original viking strategy of hit and run attacks from sea. At least with my way of playing I rarely load units on ships again, after I captured or razed a coastal city. I usually continue my raid through enemy land and march on their capitals. That’s why I think the Berserker is nice, but not extremely useful in Rhye’s and Fall Vikings.

Viking Strategy

This time for several reasons, here’s the official strategy guide first:


Rhye’s and Fall Vikings by Robert

Given the above advice, I played Rhye’s and Fall Vikings completely different. I founded England as my capital although this takes a while. The advantages are tremendous though: Thetford (the Viking city name on the tiles where England would spawn) is an extremely powerful city location. Found it as quickly as possible! This will throw you back some turns, but getting rid of England early on will easily make up for this. Keep settling Scandinavia and Dublin (Dubh Linn = “black pond”) and England will have nowhere to go. Also: Once you take Inverness then, they’ll never respawn, because the potential capital is your capital already.

After that, focus on gold, which you can easily get through pillage or trade.

To get the 3rd goal for Rhye’s and Fall Vikings – founding the first city in America – an easy way that worked for me was to

  • research-rush to Optics for caravels
  • meet the native Americans
  • attack the Inca and raze at least 1 of their cities
  • build a settler and re-found this city

In my opinion this is much quicker than researching Astronomy and build Galleons and a settler (only to in doubt have it taken from you, but hostile north Americans.

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