Civilization 5 Scenario Paradise Found Map

Paradise Found Map

The Civilization 5 Scenario “Paradise Found” is… to be honest… very very simple. The adjustments are so minor, it almost feels like just playing a special map, not a scenarios. In that regard it’s great that the Paradise Found Map is a really really good map! It’s very big, very detailed and amazingly accurate.

Civilization 5 Paradise Found Map vs Google Earth
The Paradise Found Map embedded accurately in the Pacific Ocean

One remark on the cities you see on this map: Most screenshots had been taken playing Hiva on Emperor difficulty. The City States have grown already and you can see my 3rd city just short off the Australian coast. For taking unspoiled screenshots of Tongas, Samoas and Tahitis starting locations I started some more quick games.

Download the Map (high resolution)

Civilization 5 Paradise Found MapDownload the high resolution (2595x2160x24b) version of the “Paradise Found” scenario map by clicking the image or this link.

City States on the Paradise Found Map

There are 8 City States spread across the map, which resemble other Polynesian states, all located in the northwest of Polynesia.

In this scenario, the City States are of no great strategic value, but the culture gain you receive from being allied with Kiribati, Majuro and Nendo are not to be neglected! Also you want to be allied with these CS so your enemies are at war with them, once you declare war. This way, THEY DON’T benefit from being friends anymore.

In all my games I never even befriended the militaristic CS (no need for more inferior units) or the maritime ones (because I actually already had to prevent my cities from growing).

Cultured City-States

  • Kiribati – 33 atolls, population: ~100.000, independence from the UK only 1979
  • Majuro – 1 atoll of 64 islands, population: ~25.000, only 1 atoll of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and associated state with the US
  • Nendo – 1 island, population: ~5.000, part of the Solomon Islands, which gained independence from the UK 1978

Militaristic City-States

  • Fiji – 332 islands, 500 islets, population: ~850.000, independence from the UK in 1970 (PS: Great beaches, too!)
  • Vanuatu – Archipelago of 82 islands, population: ~260.000, independence from France and the UK in 1980

Maritime City-States

  • Guadalcanal – 1 island, population: ~110.000, also part of the Solomon Islands, which gained independence from the UK 1978, popular from the Guadalcanal Campaign, which marked the end of Japanese conquest in the Pacific in WWII.
  • Nauru – 1 island, population: ~9.000, third smallest country in the world (after Vatican City and Monaco)
  • Pohnpei – 1 of 4 islands of the Pohnpei state, population: ~36.000, as of Wikipedia “one of the wettest places on earth with annual recorded rainfall exceeding 300 inches (7,600 mm) each year”, part of the Federated States of Micronesia

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