Civilization 5 Scenario Samurai Invasion of Korea Map

Samurai Invasion of Korea Map

Thanks to several adjustments the Civilization 5 Scenario “Samurai Invasion of Korea” is a great scenario. There’s no science and the major players Japan, Korea and China start with all cities built. Only the Manchu, merely emerging as a people at that time, can “still” (and have to) build cities. Seeing the resources on the Samurai Invasion of Korea Map, will help you found cities in good positions and advance towards China and Korea quickly.

Vice versa, knowing the terrain will facilitate conquering the Manchu, should you play China. Playing Korea, well: All your country is discovered and you wouldn’t actually need a map for liberating it 😉

So if you’re playing Japan and Korea in the Samurai Invasion of Korea, the game will most likely be very very similar with every playthrough: The Japanese army at the shores of Korea you get for free at the start. Depending on the level of difficulty it will suffice for conquering all or only half of Korea. As China you can change the game a bit, by conquering the Manchu, because there’s plenty of time to liberate the occupied Korea.

Download the Map (high resolution)

Civilization 5 Samurai Invasion of Korea Map

Download the high resolution (3274x2663x24b) version of the “Samurai Invasion of Korea” scenario map by clicking the image or this link.

City States of the Medieval Far East in the Samurai Invasion of Korea Map

For some reason there are no city states in this scenario. Probably it’s due to the fact that medieval China, Korea and Japan had been unified by that time. This means in that region there simply have not been any other, smaller, independent states, duchies or counties.

2 thoughts on “Civilization 5 Scenario Samurai Invasion of Korea Map”

  1. IIRC, China is united by this point, as is Japan. The reason the Japanese invaded Korea was for land, power, as well as something to distract the troops with, now that the Sengoku Jidai was over.

    As for Ming China, they’d been united for a few centuries by this point, the last time China broke having been during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.

    1. Hi Zhou Yu, yes, you’re right: All major powers in this scenario had ruled over realms united by the time. I was not denying this, only wondering if that was the reason, why there are no City States in Samurai Invasion of Korea.
      Thanks for the hint! I’ve updated the text above to better reflect the historical facts! 🙂

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