Conquest of The New World – League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs Steam Achievement Guide

Conquest of the New World – Iroquois Strategy (Deity)

The League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs of course is again a clever mix of pop-cultural and historical references. Hinting at The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and referencing the Hoyaneh, chieftains of Iroquois tribes.

Hoyaneh are “Caretakers of the Peace” in Iroquois culture and are appointed (!) by the Clan Mothers, which made those Indian tribes a well balanced mix of matriarch and patriarch societies.

The history of the Iroquois is remarkable! In particular how they managed to survive the Europeans onslaught because several tribes, squabbling for centuries, united to form the Five Nations, the Iroquois Confederacy. Hiawatha, follower of the Great Peacemaker, leader of the Iroquois in Civilization V, was co-founder of the confederacy and thus deserves to lead them in-game.

Civilization 5 Hiawatha

League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs

Conquest of the New World Steam AchievementUnlocked 16 Jan 2018 @ 12:19pm

Win the New World Scenario as the Iroquois.

German and French names of this Steam Achievement:
DE: Liga der außergewöhnlichen Hoyaneh
FR: La ligue des Hoyanehs

A note regarding this “strategy guide”

Regarding the Deity playthrough of Conquest of the New World with the Iroquois I won’t go into much detail. No tech tree, no social policies, no build order. All of this you’ll find in the previous native American strategy guides:

  1. Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Scenario Native American Strategy
  2. Conquest of the New World Shoshone Strategy (Deity)
  3. Conquest of The New World – Huitzilopochtli’s Arrow Steam Achievement Guide

So here I’ll just briefly describe my games and share my pride in making it to a great score with the Iroquois. At the bottom you’ll find one more tip regarding sowing war amongst Europeans. The rest of playing the Iroquois is a repetition of the other Native playthroughs.

Conquest of the New World – Iroquois Deity best attempts (of 35 overall)

Conquest of the New World League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs Steam Achievement - Failed MapsAnd again. After 23 attempts with the Aztecs, now 35 attempts of winning Conquest of the New World as the Iroquois. Everything just to prove that this scenario can be won playing the Iroquois on Deity difficulty and becoming a member of the League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs.

Game 1 – Epic War with Incas, Great Empire, but too little Faith to win

Too little faith to win and join the League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs is meant quite literally: With the Iroquois gaining faith from forest tiles, you rely on a map with many forests around your cities. This map was no such map, so despite great progress (cities, economy, research, social policies) the overall score was just too low to compete with Europeans.

Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Inca onslaught
Inca onslaught
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Iroquois counterattack
Iroquois counterattack
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Bribe EN vs FR
Bribe EN vs FR
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Horsemen of the Plains
Horsemen of the Plains
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - City capture
First city captured
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Cusco
Cusco has fallen
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Iroquois Empire
Iroquois Empire
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Peace with Inca for 150 GPT
Peace with Inca for 150 Gold per Turn
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Pocatello recalled to life
Pocatello recalled to life
Civilization 5 Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity 1 - Great Empire, still failed with 5k score
Great Empire, still failed with 5k score


Iroquois Deity attempt 35 – League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs on Deity Difficulty

In my winning game not much was different. The main factors for winning with an epic score of 7.3k were:

  • loads of forests around my cities
  • capturing Inca cities with plenty of Terrace Farms granting a huge boost to Faith per turn

Diplomacy in the League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs

There’s a neat little trick to more easily make Europeans declare war on one another more often:

It’s important that you don’t have more than 1 of this luxury resource. When you lose the city with your 1 supply, the deal breaks: You pay no Gold per turn, no other luxuries, no strategic resources. BUT the other play already declared war on whomever you wanted.

In this game, I’ve done this many times over the course of 5 turns (this is how often the Spanish took that city and I recaptured it the next turn):

  1. Bribing England vs France
  2. Bribing France vs Spain
  3. Bribing Netherlands vs France
  4. Bribing Netherlands vs England

This way all of England, France and Netherlands are at war with the other two! France even is at war with three parties. This is what successful diplomacy looks like in the Conquest of the New World scenario.

Conquest of the New World Iroquois Deity Conclusion

Nothing new here: Playing Conquest of the New World as the Iroquois on Deity difficulty is just as hard as it is (was) with any other Native American Civ. If the stars (aka prerequisites) are aligned — you have a chance to win. The thing is: Even if one doesn’t win, it’s still fun. If it weren’t we’d all save plenty of time 🙂

7 thoughts on “Conquest of The New World – League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs Steam Achievement Guide”

  1. Second attempt with Iroquois, First attempt playing wide (restarted 5 times for a bigger forest), and I found it extremely broken (11743 score).
    Although I am playing on Immortal (LV:7) because it is my first try on playing wide, But I make a decent sized army (10+ units) around turn 50 because of the insane production bonus of the longhouse, so I guess the result would be similar even on diety. Even without a nearby cultural CS, approximately you may still get 7000+ score, so I guess this could be a pretty consistent way to win on diety. I am going to play on diety later and would like to share the result with you!

    yield p0rn:

    screenshot on last turn:

    strategic map:

    score curve:

    full map:

    tech progression:

    Edit: Fixed the links 🙂

    1. That all looks to good to be true 😉
      Yes, really curious about your Deity-experience!

  2. hello it’s a long time since you’re started this serie of how to win with the poor Native American in this INSANELY hard challenge.
    So i decided to try to, but without all of you’re strat to see if i can REALLY push the native american to win without so much luck you used.

    Because seriously having to re-start until you got the 2 cultural CS and the good start on the south is so much for me

    I go to for about 1 years(but don’t miss it, i have not play too much for it) and already won for 4 of the 5without involving any luck and even get some very unlucky thing ( i still use the re save to be sure, but only 2 for the last one), here the strat:

    first without the CS strat we need a lot more the wonder, but it’s not that’s hard with 2000 golds

    we go for workshop in capital + waters mills or a Caravan if no water, + a water mills or workshop if not possible + a caravan for the 2nd city every caravan is use for prod (but not for the capital since it’s would be easy to make the wonder first in you’r capital), also even cut some forest(except for hiwatan), and for the first turn go to at least one luxury with you’re worker, and steal one also. And take in orderrepublic + theocrathy or upgrade wall with culture

    keep everything to make wonder and i never don’t get at least one wonder(my record is all of them)
    this push you very far on the game

    also we have with the strat of just playing defensivly a way better opening of belief:

    sosondawha is a MONSTROUS belief in toundra, snow and desert some time, with +30% ranged city attack it’s easier to defend+ you can buy the wall with faith wich is very good to make you’re city expand faster and gain faith faster(with it you go upgraded wall as the 2nd cultural choice)
    and even more on snow and toundra(less important in desert but still) you can make fort, with the addition of the aurore danse or desert tradition it make +4 faith case turn or +6faith
    and it don’t hurt you since making +2gold on toundra is useless
    Even more, nobody while try to attack you’re glorious VP bank in the snow(no one cares of snow except YOU), it make some insane comeback within the last 60 turn, when you finally have the capacity to expand further the snow and food the snow city with the trade route

    inti is also very good to expand faster, and with a lot of happiness(with that you take upgrade temple as a 2nd cultaral choice), sometime better than sosondawha

    to survive it need to make the european warmong about every of them, but most importantly making them go to you’re closest neirbours, bc they will kill him destroy his city
    and at this moment you come take his very profitable city before the european take the ground and get very good possession, alreday worked

    and of course go for reformation belief as the first level3 cultural pick

    with that i winned with hiwatan (with only little forest, but taking the old territory of the inca) ,on the north of the picture

    with maya without declaring wars the entiere game(sosondawah snow strat), with pacal out of the desert(great use of inti+sosondawha, but some some other combo would work)

    and last time with pocatello on the american north, european setlled 6 city just in front of me, but i make them warmongere and recapture the territory after each one is destroy
    probably the hardest of all my game but winned with the inti still
    +100 faith just out of the snow with only 10 turn to make them all, could have been even more improved with the sosondawha or faster plant up!!!!

    i’m with the inca now and this seems to work better than never in my first try : this theirs Uimprovement, i have collect all 3 wonder(but machu pichu is often forgeted by the IA, so i would take all) and blocked most of my territory, full of snow and toundra with sosondawah
    i will conquere them all
    have a great day
    sorry if i have make more post than expected i don’t know how you’re comment systeme work

    1. Wow! That’s impressive!!!
      And that was all on Deity difficulty?

    2. Deity in all of my game of course, so it’s really challenging(probably the hardest i have done)
      Now you have finish this scenario i thinks?So what next?
      did you plan to finish into the renaissance with suède(i try but fail) or scramble africa with zulu or maroco(i also have try but it’s insanely hard)?
      thinks for you’re guide i wouldn’t have find a better strat than the one you did without it !

  3. Have you not unlocked 100% of achievements yet? Am I racing you to 100%?

    1. You came close 😉
      My final Civ5 achievement: “Unlocked 16 Jan, 2018 @ 12:19pm”

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