Fyber Aether Revolt Magic Draft – Consulate, Inventors and the Revolution

We did it: We played an Aether Revolt Magic Draft. At Fyber there’s many special interest groups. That might sound weird now, but it’s all in your head. I’m referring to hobbies and activities. Amongst others we’ve recently started playing Magic again! Yes!!! Magic: The Gathering! The one trading card game that you spent all your pocket money on whilst in school.

Aether Revolt Magic DraftThe great thing: Now we’re not spending all our money on it – because we make so much more (compared to when we were 12) 🙂

We used the latest edition of early 2017: So over the course of several evenings we played an Aether Revolt Magic Draft with 8 people: Everyone vs. everyone. 7 matches per participant, best of three. Super cool.

My Aether Revolt Draft Deck

I played a Blue and Black deck with only a neglectable amount of cards not fitting my two draft colors:

Aether Revolt Draft

Creatures (17)
Aether Swooper
Bastion Inventor
Wind-Kin Raiders
Shielded Aether Thief
Shipwreck Moray
Trophy Mage
Aethertide Whale
Vengeful Rebel
Alley Strangler
Fourth Bridge Prowler
Merchant’s Dockhand
Reservoir Walker

Spells, Enchantments & Artifacts (9)
Metallic Rebuke
Take into Custody
Illusionist’s Stratagem
Cruel Finality
Gonti’s Machinations
Inspiring Statuary
Paradox Engine
Lands (14)

Sideboard (6)
Implement of Examination
Servo Schematic
Leave in the Dust

There are some nice combinations with all the main mechanics of Aether Revolt:

  • Energy
  • Creating Servo and Thopter 1/1 artifacts and using Improvise
  • Revolt

In the end it wasn’t good enough though. I reckon focus on one game mechanic less, whilst using the other two more intensively would have allowed for even better synergy effects between all cards. Anyways it was incredibly much fun to play the other guys!

Results of the Fyber Aether Revolt Magic Draft

^^Click this icon to get to the full overview.

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