Rhye’s and Fall of the Aztecs


The Aztecs’ unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Enslave 5 European units
  2. No European colonies in Central America and Southern United States in 1700 AD
  3. Enter Industrial era by 1820 AD

Aztec UHV 2

Unique Power

Sacrifice: Military units can enslave defeated enemy units.

Unique Building – Sacrificial Altar

unique building

Unique Unit – Jaguar Warrior

Rhye's and Fall Aztec Unique Unit Jaguar WarriorThe Jaguar Warrior replaces the Swordsman but does not require iron. It can cross jungle tiles and costs a little less production than the Swordsman.

Strategy and remarks

The conditions are clear: Settle the continent, deny it to the Europeans. Find the strategy guide in the web-archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20090514073357/http://rhye.civfanatics.net/wiki/index.php?title=Rhye%27s_and_Fall_of_Civilization_-_Aztec_strategy

Here’s a rough outline:

  • meet Europeans first, to prevent the Conquest event
  • settle the Caribbean and Southern US
  • get maces to defend against European aggression
  • the game will give you a science boost, so entering Industrial era by 1820 should be easy

Played properly you can lead the Aztec empire not only towards the Unique Historical Victory but to domination of Northern America (and the glory that comes with that):

Rhye's and Fall Aztec Win 1965
Enslaving some European units to fulfill the last unique historical victory condition of the Aztecs.

To make the Aztecs a world power you’ll need to oppose US aggression. They will settle the land quickly so prepare to attack them early. Beware though: If you want to keep their cities you must not let them collapse! They will only spawn and get ALL cities on (rightful) US territory. You must leave them some cities in Northern- and Northeast Canada.

Needless to say: One strategically important thing is to have a city which serves as Panama-Canal! You need to be able to quickly move your naval forces from your east to your west coast. Especially since your production capacities on the west coast are very limited.

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