Rhye’s and Fall of America


Americas unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. No European colonies in the whole American continent in 1900 AD
  2. Build the UN, the Statue of Liberty and the Pentagon by 2000 AD
  3. Secure 10 oil resources by 2000 AD

Unique Power

American Dream: Population migrates from other civilizations to American cities.

The American Dream is a nice concept and yes, it gives your cities in nice growth boost, but bottom line it’s not a very useful unique power. Especially once your empire collapses: Cities with a high rate of foreign culture go to that civilization once you have a civil war. This means if you have e.g. Japanese or Egyptian immigrants in your cities, once you crumble you end up with Egyptian and Japanese cities in your heartland!

Unique Building – Shopping mall

unique building

Unique Unit – NAVY SEAL

Rhye's and Fall America Unique Unit Navy SealThe American Navy Seal starts with Amphibian and March and thus is perfect for attacks from sea, of which you will do many during your conquest phase. Bottom line a very useful unique unit.

Strategy guide and remarks

Find the strategy guide in the web archive:

I think everyone should try playing as Rhye’s and Fall America without strategy guides. If I remember correctly it’s fairly easy and decent fun!

The first goal is to drive the Europeans out of Northern America. In most cases this is fairly easy, as Spain only occasionally settles then American mainland. So you only have to deal with France and England. I’ve found England being pretty busy with Native units in Canada, so they won’t have a strong army. France has the same problem with (New) Orleans. Taking their cities is fairly easy – try to make peace ASAP after that! You don’t want their navies block your harbors (and thus trade routes) and cripple your research.

Rhye's and Fall America Mainland
The American mainland. Later I learned more cities might have improved my stability, but I didn’t want to stretch it, so only settled the most necessary spots.

Before you declare war or they declare on you: By all means try to trade for Democracy. This gets you settled for phase 2 already.

Once you settle the Midwest nobody else can compete with your production. Fortunately one of your goals is building the Statue of Liberty (which you should go for with any civilization) and the Pentagon, which falls into the same category. Having the first improves your economy even more, building the second paves the way for conquest.

Rhye's and Fall America Middle East
Here’s where you fulfill your UHV goal: All the oil you need within range of only 2 cities.

With your incredible economy none of the old world civs should pose a threat. The biggest challenge for your victory might be one strong power that already vassaled most some other civilizations. This could be Turkey: After conquering the Balkans Germany sometimes surrenders to them. And the Arabs usually bow before them, too. You should be strong enough to defeat either of them, but you’ll have to bring more troops in time to conquer the Middle East in time.

There’s lots of oil in your territory already, so the 5 oil resources in Iraq and Saudi Arabia should suffice.

Rhye’s and Fall America – Global dominance

Rhye's and Fall America Vassals
Egypt, India, Rome and Japan have joined my empire. Not the best vassals to have, but at least they’re stable.

In the end as with most other civilizations I was liege lord to 4 civilizations (which is the maximum in Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization) and dominated the world. Although not as clearly as with some other civs that you can read about on this page.

7 thoughts on “America”

  1. Nice guide! I use this game mod with my students. I’m going to have them refer to your site.

    1. How I’d love to have this mod for Civilization 5. I would add so much more depth to the game. What do you teach?

  2. also you should try DOC if you want more historical accuracy and competition. playing RFC at viceroy does not mean you are to give advice 🙂 sorry

    1. Thanks for your helpful comment on a 4 year old page about an almost 12 year old mod that basically just links to the web archive for the original guides, which are not online anymore. Well I can together we can at least make this useful by linking to Dawn of Civilization.

  3. that is not enough man; at least emperor if you want to be a match…

  4. Nice set of guides for all the civs! What difficulty was this played at?

    1. If only I’d remember. I’m reasonably sure it was “Viceroy” difficulty…

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