Rhye’s and Fall of Turkey


Turkeys unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Control the Bosporus (the Istanbul Strait) by 1500 AD
  2. Control the Balkans, the Black Sea and Mesopotamia in 1730 AD
  3. Have as vassal states at least 3 other civs in 1730 AD

Turkey UHV 1 and 2

Unique Power

Assimilation: Most of foreign culture in Turkish cities is converted to Turkish culture.

Unique Building – Hamam

unique building

Unique Unit – Janissary

Rhye's and Fall Turkey Unique Unit Janissary

Turkish Janissaries come with a bonus against pretty much everything: +25% against archers, mounted units, melee units. Your enemies are everywhere: There’s the Europeans to the West, Russia to the North, Egypt and Arabia South of you and Persia and Mongolia in the East. The versatile Janissaries are useful against all of them. A stack of them (enhanced with additional +25% promotions against gunpowder units or mounted units) can withstand even big armies!

Turkish Strategy

Rhye’s and Fall Turkey is good fun. Take over Istanbul as quickly as possible. You could even do it with your initially spawned army! Later in the game I made Athens my capital, as to not be pestered by spawning Greece anymore.

Please check out the official strategy guides here:

By the time of the UHV in 1870 my empire stretched from Rome to Iran and from Mecca to the Ukraine. It enclosed some of the world’s most productive cities: Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Basra. The holy cities of many a religion were part of it.

Also: In Rhye’s and Fall Turkey is a great civilization to take into modern times! The far east is your vassals already anyways, so why not go for conquering the Americas?

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