Rhye’s and Fall of Arabia


Arabias unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Control 3 Holy city shrines in 1300 AD
  2. Control or make vassal states of Egypt, Spain and Carthage by 1300 AD
  3. Spread Islam to 40%

Arabia UHV 2

Unique Power

Faith: State religion spreads with temples and cathedrals to conquered cities.

Unique Building – Madrasa

unique building arabia

The Madrasa hugely supports your UHV in Rhye’s and Fall Arabia: It speeds up the generation of Great Prophets for all those holy shrines you will build. There’s 1 in Mecca of course (Islam), 2 in Jerusalem (Judaism and Christianity, if you’re lucky) and usually there’s another two in India (Buddhism and Hinduism). Having some of the shrines early means +20 GPT if the religion has already spread!

Unique Unit – Camel Archer

Rhye's and Fall Arabia Unique Unit Camel ArcherThere’s no big difference between the Camel Archer and the knight it replaces. The Camel Archer needs no iron and could be a little cheaper in production but it has no major advantage. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve found them useful in my conquests, but not any more useful than knights would have been (there’s iron in Persia, so you could build them).

Strategy guide and remarks

Find the strategy guide in the web archive:

I found Arabia extremely interesting to play. With its huge potential for expansion, you can turn it into one of the most dominant civilizations in Rhye’s and Fall of Civilizations. I even gave the spawning Americans a warm welcome with my Arabian Cavalry units:
Rhye's and Fall Arabia vs USA 1781

The modern world dominated by Arabia spreading more than it historically ever did:
Rhye's and Fall Arabia Modern Age

As you can see on the mini-map here: My invasion of America was successful providing huge production centers for my Arabian empire. If only I had paid more attention to the stability guides here, I could probably have conquered the entire world before collapsing.

The key to getting this far playing Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization Arabia is to NOT have Turkey spawn. The only way to prevent spawns is to radically change something the turn before to change the random factor. You can do this by declaring war on someone (no problem, because you’re so dominant), by making peace with someone (no problem either) or having a battle end dramatically different.

Dominant culture, the spread of Islam and having common enemies on the European main land gave me good relations with Russia and the Netherlands, which eventually became my vassals. Furthermore the Inca and the Khmer joined my realm:
Rhye's and Fall Arabias vassals

The game ended with me having 4 of the remaining 8 civilizations as my vassals. Thus I controlled about 80% of the world.

4 thoughts on “Arabia”

  1. Don’t worry about that 2017 comment: I’ve been getting into RFC and I use your guides all the time for quick reference about (UHV) victory conditions, etc.

    I reckon the silent majority feel the same, so don’t be discouraged!! ?

    1. Hehe, thank you for speaking out!
      Some people are weird on the internet 🙂

  2. Your game is out of date and you don’t tell us the level you played at….
    In that sense this info and site is lame, sorry…

    1. Your comment is borderline rude.
      My games had been played in 2011, the “guides” are from 2013 (2 years later), both is 6 or 4 years (!) before you whined about outdated pages on a PRIVATE (!) blog.
      Hold your horses!

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