Rhye’s and Fall of Mongolia


Mongolias unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Control China by 1300 AD
  2. Raze at least 7 cities
  3. Control 12% of world territory by 1500 AD

Mongolia UHV 1

Unique Power

Horde: Any razed city makes nearby enemy cities surrender if approached.

You can play Rhye’s and Fall Mongolia the warriors way and the unique power will come extremely handy for this. Although the range is not clear to me, it seems the bigger the city you raze, the higher the likelihood for cities near it to flip to you. Use this to spread fear and terror and make the ancient realms of the ancient eastern Mediterranean subjugate to your rule. You can also play this scenario the pacifist way and make the UHV (and go for world domination later).

Unique Building – Yurt

unique building

Unique Unit – Keshik

Rhye's and Fall Mongolia Unique Unit Keshik

The Mongolian Keshik ignores terrain movement costs and thus can easily advance into the hilly regions of central China and move through the forests of Siberia to go against Russia. Also it needs no iron, which comes handy in case you want to build some more Keshiks before going against China (after that you’ll have the iron near Beijing).


Mongolian Strategy

Playing Rhye’s and Fall Mongolia is extremely big fun! Just like with the Civilization 5 Rise of the Mongols Scenario you’ll reign the biggest contiguous land empire in history! I don’t remember it as particularly challenging, although capturing China might be a timing issue, depending on how they developed before you spawn.

Here’s as quick summary:

  • Rush into China with all your forces, reinforce as you go, because you’ll have to get ’em all until 1300 AD
  • Then settle the silk road or (as I prefer it) the Siberian plains north of that goddamn desert, build roads quickly to support your westward expansion
  • Rush into the Central Asia, razing cities and make others flip to you

I played rather pacifist, so instead of advancing full force into the Middle East, I founded some cities in the good spots in Asia. Please mind: The 2nd goal (razing 7 cities) has no time limit. So as long as you make the 3rd goal as your second of the three, you’ll have all the time in the world to complete the UHV. There will be loads of opportunities to raze cities after 1500 AD 😉

By 1500 AD I managed to fulfill two of three goals (the 1st and 3rd) and controlled 12% of world territory. For you to get an impression of how much land you need to cover, I took some screenshots of that:

I counted 21 cities under my control. Every city needs the first culture pop to not only cover 9 but at least 21 tiles. Some cities were at the border to other civs, so I covered around 400 tiles, which was enough to make the 2nd UHV criteria.

I had achieved the third goal (2nd in the list – razing cities) during the mid of the 18th century. With the Rhye’s and Fall Mongolia UHV I achieved the 5th highest score in the ranking:


The usual official strategy guides are still here:

Rhye’s and Fall Mongolia – Beyond the UHV

With all stability factors configured in a way that Mongolia supports an incredibly large empire, this sets the foundation for having a lot of fun in the endgame. After the initial conquests, build up your economy. Both the Chinese and the Siberian cities on grassland and surrounded by forests make for great cities, both in size and production. This set, reaching the tech lead position is not a problem either.

Given these preconditions your rule of the world should be easily achieved:

  • Keep Russia at bay, ideally with a vassal in Europe. I got Germany, so together we entirely surround Russia.
  • The Netherlands make an awesome vassal because they’ll found cities all over the world (even in places that would drain your stability). So you’ll have free harbors and “airports” everywhere.
  • Japan is a nice to have. But better have a vassal at your doorstep right at the coast of your (formerly) Chinese heartland than an enemy or vassal of one.
  • The most valuable vassal in my endgame was Mexico aka the Aztecs: Not only do they provide the panama canal, but they also make the best base of operation you could imagine against an emerging America.



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