Rhye’s and Fall of Germany


Germanys unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Control France, Greece and Rome in 1870 AD
  2. Control Russia, England and Scandinavia in 1940 AD
  3. Be the first to complete the tech tree

Germany UHV

Unique Power

Technique: Free unit upgrades after the discovery of Industrialism.

Unique Building – Assembly factory

unique building

Unique Unit – German Panzer

Rhye's and Fall Germany Unique Unit German Panzer

Long story short: The German Tank (Panzer) is awesome. It starts with Blitzkrieg like any other tank, but it’s got a +50% bonus against armored vehicles, making all your Panzer a nightmare for other civilizations tanks.

German Strategy

Playing Rhye’s and Fall Germany usually means being at war constantly. Actually that’s pretty close to German history where there’s always been internal quarrels, wars with France, Austria, Poland, plus the two World Wars.

Here’s as quick summary:

  • build Posen (1 east of Berlin)
  • raze Mediolanum, capture Rome
  • after that the order is France, Greece, Constantinople, Russia, Vikings, England

First cities

  1. Posen – 1 east of Berlin (the start location) leaves Mainz more space to breathe, is next to a river and gets the horses east within city range.
  2. Mainz will flip to you soon and with out sharing so much land with Berlin it can grow into a huge production center
  3. Laibach – 5 tiles south of Posen provides you with access to the Mediterranean. Also it’s gonna be great for production having 6 bonus resources in city range.
  4. I like to go for a city in the Ukraine early to contain Russia. That can be on the iron at the Black Sea or even 1 tile further east. This might provoke Russia a bit, but you’ll never be on good terms with them anyway. For your war later it’ll make things much easier, as you will have a direct road to Moscow.

Rome and France

Your first target is Rome. It’s weaker than France and France itself will conquer it soon if you don’t act. Your early axemen plus maybe one or two reinforcements will be enough to conquer Rome. A huge production center awaits you and razing Mediolanum provides Mainz/Frankfurt with more resources for growth.

As soon as you feel strong enough go for Marseille (from Rome). Coming from there means you won’t have to cross these rivers and you cut Marseille off from French reinforcements. With Marseille in your hand you can consolidate, improve land in Italy and build up. If they go for peace – do it and squeeze out what you can get.

With Marseille you took out one of the most productive French cities, so once you’re going to finish the job there’s not much more to expect. Bring up culture buildings quickly in Paris, otherwise Amsterdam will eat into your newly acquired France.

The Balkans, Russia and the North

Rhye's and Fall Germany UHV 1978
Unique Historical Victory with Germany

I made the mistake to take out Greece and the Vikings first. Giving Russia time to grow is a bad idea: With their cities expanding their borders General Winter will be harder and harder to beat. Also in my game I had to rush to quickly get Russia and England in the end.

I made it, as you can see on the right, but the huge vast expansion drained my stability and brought me to the brink of collapse after the war. An alternative would have been to take on Russia before going North and Northwest. This way you encounter less resistance. Furthermore it gives you some time to build courthouses and jails for stability in your eastern domain.


Either way you should keep England for last. Mainly because they’re popping out Great Persons in London like crazy and the more you can get the better. Also having advanced naval forces helps bombing down the city defenses making your conquest a lot easier.

Completing the Tech Tree first

…shouldn’t be a problem after you take out England. Usually they are the single strongest competitor for this goal. A huge colonial empire provides them with ample trade routes and London is a science megacity. With completing your 2nd UHV goal, this scientific center works for you and your vast empire should produce enough science to complete the tech tree first.

Rhye's and Fall Germany Vassals
NATO sends regards!

Rhye’s and Fall Germany is challenging and interesting. You will find yourself watching your enemies expand their empires. You will think about whether to keep this or that city or whether a different spot would be better in the long term. Basically you’ll turn into a war-mongering mad-man! Good fun!

The usual official strategy guides are still here:

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