Rhye’s and Fall of Greece


Greeces unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Be the first to discover Literature, Drama and Philosophy
  2. Build the Oracle, the Parthenon, the Colossus and the Temple of Artemis by 50 AD
  3. Be the first to circumnavigate

Unique Power

Philosophy: +200% Great People birth rate until the end of the Renaissance.

Your unique power will allow you to even more make Athens a center of trade, knowledge and production, paving your way to victory in Rhye’s and Fall Greece.

Unique Building – Odeon

unique building

Unique Unit – Phalanx

Rhye's and Fall Greece Unique Unit PhalanxThe Greek Phalanx is an axeman without the weakness against chariots. Even the opposite is the case: It gets +100% defense against chariots. Unfortunately all those Barbarians don’t come with chariots, which renders the Phalanx useless. It doesn’t provide any protection against Rome which is the main aggressor during your game.

Greek Strategy

Playing Rhye’s and Fall Greece, you’re the first European civilization to spawn. Make use of it! In my game, I didn’t. But then again: You don’t even have to conquer much in order to make the UHV.

Here’s as quick summary:

  • Send your warrior to all goody huts in Europe: The Balkans, Denmark, Portugal. Maybe you can squeeze in another warrior for the one in Scandinavia.
  • Research Priesthood, Masonry, Ironworking, Machinery (Oracle), Aesthetics. Trade what you have for the other essential techs and then head for Literature, Drama, Philosophy (UHV 1) and after that straight to Optics (UHV 3)
  • Improve Athens in the most efficient way, build roads, don’t ever waste worker movements! Being the most productive city of its time, It will build most of your wonders.

There are multiple ways to win Rhye’s and Fall Greece. I chose the isolationist path: Not settling much, not much warfare, being on good terms with Rome all the time etc.

Having only 3-4 cities won’t allow building a big army, but a small realm is also easier to defend. With the Moai Statues in Athens you have a production powerhouse – nobody will be able to outproduce you on your UHV-relevant wonders.

When it comes to circumnavigation – map trades are your friend! Regularly buy everyones map – never give them yours. It’ll drain your treasury, but you’ll be able to get big parts of the map revealed which might end with an early circumnavigation without actually a ship making the connection.

In the end, my empire collapsed during the early middle ages, which is pretty close to reality, assuming Greece being the Eastern Roman Empire.

Rhye’s and Fall Greece – Alexander the Great

There is an alternative to the isolationist Greece. Conquest. Playing this way, Rhye’s and Fall Greece may be even more fun. Conquer Babylon and Egypt, go mess with mighty Persia. The official strategy guides describe this way in very much detail:

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