Rhye’s and Fall of Babylonia


Babylonias unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Be the first to discover Writing, Code of Laws and Monarchy
  2. Make Babylon the #1 cultural city in 700 BC
  3. Make Babylon the most populous city in the world in 700 BC

Unique Power

Law: No resistance in conquered cities.

Babylonias unique power in Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization is not extremely useful for the UHV. You won’t conquer lots of cities as your main focus is on research and culture. In the later game you will have to defend heavily against various emerging empires all around you:

  • Persia spawns turn 84, taking all cities east of Babylon
  • Arabia spawns turn 183, claiming all cities south of Babylon
  • Turkey spawns turn 249 and demands all your cities NW of Babylon

Babylon itself will be the only city that is NOT inside the spawn area of these civilization! One might argue this demands for conquest and the unique power might be useful. Unfortunately all these civilizations spawn with loads of powerful (unique) units, making it close to impossible to go against them.

Unique Building – Zikkurat

unique building

Unique Unit – Asharittu Archer

Rhye's and Fall Babylonia Unique Unit Asharittu ArcherFinally an extremely useful unique unit in Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization! The Asharittu Archer comes with +50% against melee units and provides a huge advantage over barbarians, Egypt and Europeans. You will need defense against Persian Immortals, against Arabia later and especially against Turkey.


Strategy and remarks

Playing Babylon is relatively boring compared to most of the other civilizations. The unique historical victory can be achieved within minutes of playing. Check out the strategy guide here:

I achieved the UHV on my first attempt:
Rhye's and Fall Babylonian Win

Unfortunately, facing the threats described above, I didn’t manage to lead Babylon to modern times. Actually I’m not even sure anymore whether I really tried. Also: With 3 civilizations rising and falling in your direct neighborhood it’s close to impossible to maintain a powerful economy. Rhye’s and Fall Babylonia is rather short-term fun!

3 thoughts on “Babylonia”

  1. I started to play RFC, due to the UHVs, but always selecting Monarch level. I can not tell, its easy and Babylonian out of the 4 already played stone age Civs gave me the biggest challenge. Had to combine actual more approaches, since the odds and random events played against me a lot [whether barbarians not defeated by Sur in Turkey area, or Shushan expanding culture keeping the wheath]. And mostly, when managed to fulfill all UHV goals, I realized that due to shifted start position my city is not Babylon!
    After realizing all those things, I started with warrior, sending them both to destroy India [which I thought is beating me in culture, but it was Egypt in the end]. That gave me a second worker, so was easier to work the land around Babylon. I didnt bother to get Bowmans, neither to attack Egypt, since had to work my way pass Yerushalems archer. Focused on finishing Library, Granary, Oracle. While building Oracle, started to research Monarchy and got for free rather CoL, then with unlimited artists, got the needed culture and only controlled city size to be ahead of Bejing.
    After Persia spawned, was close to finish Bronze working and got copper and filled my 2 cities with spearman, which helped me shorten the war, after Persia declared on me.
    Going for the same quest as you with other civs. China being next to start as.

    1. Ha! Good stuff! Good luck with that! Sounds like a walk down memory lane for me. Good old times. I’m currently working on making “Beyond Earth” a perfect game on Steam, while there are still lots of blog posts on Civilization V Scenarios left to be written…

  2. Got it after a couple tries. Made it all the way to the spawn of Arabia to see how far I could get. They tore me a new one to say the least. Thanks for the guide and the link to the archive!

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