Rhye’s and Fall of Spain


Spains unique historic victory conditions are:

  1. Be the first to found a city in America
  2. No English or French cities in the Americas in 1700 AD
  3. Control Aztec and Incan territory in 1760 AD

Spain UHV 3

Unique Power

Discovery: Naval units receive +2 movement points.

Unique Building – Citadel

unique building

Unique Unit – Conquistador

Rhye's and Fall Spain Unique Unit Conquistador

The Conquistadores secured Spains domination over Central and Latin America. Rhye’s and Fall Spain uses this historical fact and grants the Conquistador a +50% bonus against melee units. Replacing the cuirassiers and having the same base strength of 12, this bonus gives you a combat strength of 18 (!) against Mayan Holcans (8 combat strength incl. their bonus) and Aztec Jaguar Warriors (5 combat strength). They simply stand no chance.

Spanish Strategy

At the bottom, as usually, the link to the official strategy guide on Rhye’s homepage. Playing Rhye’s and Fall Spain, unlike with other civilizations, my strategy was completely different. As I finished that game in 2012 I don’t recall much, but the outline should give you direction. The images prove it can work.

Here we go – Rhye’s and Fall Spain in a nutshell:

  • Don’t found Madrid! Found Oporto as your capital (in Portugal, on the south shore of the northern river, the Rio Douro)
    • Found Pamplona, 1W of the Pyrenees
    • Found Granada, NE of Gibraltar, 1W of the mountains in south east Spain
    • These cities will cover all Spain except 3 tiles (2 around Barcelona, 1 in the very south west)
    • They’ll keep France at bay and use a lot of resources and be productive
  • Prepare for war and conquer France! This is the safest way to deny them cities in America!
  • Build some ships and conquer England! For the same reason as France!
  • Never mind the Dutch – but don’t open borders. Their way to America should be as long as possible.
  • Follow the quickest research path to Optics to get to the Americas first
  • Conquer don’t vassalize the native Americans (Inca and Aztecs)
  • Beware: Conquering the natives, doesn’t guarantee your first goal – you have to found a city. Be quick about it!

Using the above tactics I could make the USA my vassal by the time they spawned (from Dutch New Amsterdam).

Creating an Empire where the sun never sets, even Japan and the Khmer acknowledged my superiority and became vassals voluntarily, as did Mali in Africa. Following the UHV and using the extraordinary good land in South America I created a technologically and economically strong empire and conquered any foe who dared defy me. So Rhye’s and Fall Spain was one of the earliest games I reached the status of being the only civilization on the planet, destroying or subjugating all others! 🙂

The usual official strategy guides are still here:

4 thoughts on “Spain”

  1. The 2nd goal, “endure there are no English, French or Dutch colonies in the Americas in 1700”, does that include South America?

    1. Yes, “the Americas” refers to both North and South. But as stated above: The safest way to do this — is conquering England and France in Europe. No colonizers – no colonies 😉

    1. See the first bullet point right under
      Here we go – Rhye’s and Fall Spain in a nutshell:

      Hint: Spawns don’t take over your capital 😉

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