Civilization 5 Scenario Fall of Rome Map

Updated Fall of Rome Map

There’s an updated version of the Fall of Rome Map, this time it’s not uploaded here, but published as a Steam Guide! 🙂 Check it out and download the map here:

Need a Fall of Rome Map?

While I was playing the Civilization 5 Scenario “Fall of Rome” I often thought it would have been handy to have a map of the scenario. It would be good to know how far you may go in order NOT to be bombarded by cities and/or enemy units garrisoned in cities.
Also you could use a map to find the best strategy to place your units when attacking cities. Naturally I went online, seeking a map of this scenario. As I couldn?t find one, created one myself.

So I started the game with each playable civilization and took screenshots of their empires (about 30 overall).

When making the I Missed That Day in History Class Steam achievement I found the screenshots extremely useful: So I could plan my attacks, disembark all units (including catapults), attack the city and conquer it in one turn.

Nonetheless I decided having one file covering the entire map would be best, so I used Photoshop to create this huge map. There probably would have been an easier way using the map editor or similar.

Download the medium resolution (2937x1748x24b) version of the “Fall of Rome” scenario map here:

Civilization 5 Fall of Rome Scenario Map medium resolution

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