ffz-boness.de Re-Launch

Beginning of March 2014 I finished work on ffz-boness.de, a website for a friend of mine who buys, sells, recycles forklifts and other vehicles used in logistics:

ffz-bones.de - responsive website

It’s a simple thing: Just a one pager (not counting the imprint) with introduction text and phone links. Did you know there are phone links??? I knew mailto: links of course, but I didn’t know tel: link until some weeks ago! On phones they obviously trigger the “call/text this number” dialog. On a desktop PC you can directly Skype call this number. Great thing. Amazing what you (re-)discover after not actively web-developing for some years.

Responsiveness on ffz-boness.de

Also while writing the draft for this post I realized: It doesn’t quite work on mobile. Although there are breakpoints they don’t consider the device-width. Well… The WordPress blog setup behind this front page was responsive, so I checked and found this little one here:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

Now it works like a charm.

Next challenge: Creating a wordpress theme that matches the design of the homepage!

What does FFZ stand for?

FFZ is the abbreviation for Flurförderzeuge, the nice German word for vehicles used in logistics. Looking up an English translation I only got “industrial trucks”, which compared to Flurförderzeuge is a bit lame.

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    1. Ha! Fixed. Thanks for the hint. When migrating WordPress the DB export was in a different format, basically ruining all special characters…

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