DIY Wardrobe rail: Copper and Wood

Here’s our DIY projects #5 and #6: In our new apartment we faced the challenge that most internal walls are drywall. So I don’t trust putting up wardrobes and stressing them with the weight of lots of clothes. The solution was obvious: Solidly fix wardrobe rails to the ceiling. First we’ve built a DIY wardrobe rail out of wood. Or “out of the woods”? It’s definitely a unique piece, made from a single branch harvested near the home village of my better half. Attached to the wall or ceiling it fits/hangs more than a dozen dresses or all winter jackets for a small family. Second is a DIY wardrobe rail basically made of a copper pipe coming at very little costs in the hardware store.

Wardrobe rail: Copper

Damn, I love the looks of this one: The copper coat hangers on a copper pipe just look so lovely in the evening light. Effort and costs are really low for what you get in return:

A simple copper pipe from the hardware store, two corner elements, steel rope and two snap hooks don’t cost much. I think overall the copper coat hangers had cost more than the actual DIY wardrobe rail.

Construction is simple as well: The pictures show it all. The corner elements aren’t really necessary, but they prevent the steel rope from bending too sharply at the end of the copper pipe. The toughest part was putting and fixing the hooks at the end of the steel rope.

Wardrobe rail: Wood

Similarly aesthetics from entirely different materials: For the wooden DIY wardrobe rail we took a wooden branch and removed the bark entirely. It needs to be thick enough to drill 2 holes to hang it. Theoretically we could have just hung it by tying a hook around the branch. But then heavy coats might put the uneven branch out of balance and cause it to rotate around it’s axis. With the rope going through the branch, knotted tight at the bottom, the rotation still happens. This way however, it swings back in place once the imbalanced item is removed. To stick with natural materials, we hung it using ropes and also used wooden coat hangers.

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