Pizza Party Steam Achievement

The Pizza Party Steam Achievement is asking you to activate Leonardo da Vinci in New York with Great Works from Michelangelo and Donatello — and a sewer — all in that city. This achievement is quite impossible to get by chance, but requires proper setup. For getting it myself, I stuck pretty much to this comment on the Steam community discussions, so give this man a medal (or Steam award) if it helps. I’m merely contributing by providing a bit more structure to the game setup, some additions to make it easier or at least more reliable to achieve and well: Pictures. Also: Yay! This is my first post on Civilization VI on this very site only 4.5 years after its release. I’m getting closer 😉

Pizza Party Steam Achievement Setup

Here’s the recommended game settings in order of appearance on the setup screen plus (bold) the ones, I added:

  • Play Teddy Roosevelt (American, obviously) vs Victoria (because their agendas aren’t much at odds)
  • Settler difficulty
  • Renaissance Era start (which will have you start at the end of the Medieval Age but with none of the Renaissance Techs and Civics unlocked)
  • Standard game speed
  • City States 6 (Maximum for this map size)
  • Map: Continents
  • Map Size: Duel
  • Resources: Abundant (Whatever helps, right?)
  • Hand-pick City States: Choose only Religious and some Commercial ones (I left out Muscat and Zanzibar as their traits aren’t helping as much)
  • Hand-pick Natural Wonders:
    • Crater Lake (4 Faith and unfortunately 1 Science)
    • Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro (Faith and Food)
    • Torres del Paine (double yields on all surrounding tiles, by far the most powerful for the game we’re seeking)
  • World Age: New (As it creates more Mountains, boosting Holy Sites for Faith)
  • Start Position: Legendary (because why not?)
  • Sea Level: Low (Less water, more space for cities on the crowded map)
  • Disable all victory conditions except domination
  • Set turns to unlimited
  • Disable Barbarians
  • Disable Goody Huts, pardon, Tribal Villages

Getting the Pizza Party started

Once the game has started, check the Great People screen: You’ll want the Great Engineer “Leonardo Da Vinciand either the Great Artist “Donatello” or “Michelangelo” on the board immediately.

Playing the game towards the Steam Achievement

Play the game as you normally would except for these critical things:

  • Never ever actively boost any Civic or Technology (as that might take you closer to the Renaissance Age)
  • Settle some 3-4 cities with favorable Holy Site spots
  • Build Industrial Districts for the Great Engineer (Leonardo) otherwise keep focusing on Faith via the Holy Site project “Holy Site Prayers“.

My main goal usually is to get Industrial Districts up first, to quicker build everything else. With these you can boost the production of your Faith buildings and if you then have production to spare, build Commercial Districts (more money means buying more stuff after all). For a while I pondered buying the 2nd Great Artist with Gold, but saving was too tough. My Faith output also was significantly higher than my Gold per Turn.

With 90-130 Faith per turn it doesn’t take long to accumulate the required 2550 Faith for one Great Artist. Around 50 turns to get the 5k Faith required for both. However: You need to make sure to stay in the Renaissance era and not progress before buying the 2nd Great Artist. I made sure of that by switching to a different Tech and Civic 1 turn before it was researched. That is the primary reason to avoid any

  • tech boost
  • culture boost
  • terrain yields
  • City State bonuses

which could progress you any further.

However: The moment you have your 2nd Great Artist: Head to Sanitation as fast as you can (which is not gonna be very fast, since we terribly neglected Science and Culture).

Getting New York and the proper 2nd Great Artist: This is a game of chance. When you buy the 1st Great Artist – check who’s next in line. If it’s not the correct one – reload. When you found more cities and New York doesn’t come up – reload. There’s no shame in that. There’s simply no other way.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Party Steam Achievement”

  1. Nice job, and congratulations! One thing I would recommend is pumping out more builders to chop woods/rainforest, and harvest resources, in order to speed up production in your cities. Unlike Civ 5, the yields you get from chopping and harvesting scales linearly with the amount of techs and civics you’ve researched. That means that, with a Renaissance Era start, the short term yields from chopping your own territory almost always outweighs the long-term yield of a lumber mill or farm.

    Another thing I would recommend is building some fast-movement units and declaring war on enemies to pillage their districts and tile improvements. Pillage rewards also increase with tech/civic research, and you can often get large lump-sums of science (from campuses), gold (from Commercial hubs/mines), and faith (Holy Sites/lumber mills/plantations).

    It seems like you haven’t gotten Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm or the New Frontier Pass yet. My advice – don’t get them until you really like Civ 6 and you’re comfortable pouring dozens of hours in the game. They completely change the strategy of the game and overcomplicate it to some degree. I hope you keep making Civ 6 achievement guides!

    1. Hehe, I’ve got all those addons and DLCs, but for the vanilla achievements I’m playing without them. Didn’t want things going wrong, messing with my achievements 😉
      Thanks for the compliments and encouragement. For some rather simple Civ6 achievements I’m posting with images and short description on
      Happy about more followers there. But I’ll definitely get to Civ 6 scenarios later this year 🙂

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