My first time lapse – Sunset in winterly Rheinsberg Marina

For some years now we celebrate New Year’s together with friends in a holiday lodge somewhere. Time and time again a great experience. Incredibly relaxing and so much fun. It’s only some 4-5 days, but reviving like a two-week holiday.

Being fascinated by time lapse videos for a long time already, I always wanted to do one myself. Not even having had a camera at New Years Eve 2013, a friend had to take the pictures. We used his Canon EOS 550D and shot at 30 Dec 2013 from 13:28 to 18:07 @  f/6.3, 1/50 s, ISO-100.

We placed the camera on the balcony of our house and were very lucky to witness a wonderful sunset, bathing the houses in beautiful light.
It was a great stay there and we didn’t even do any kayaking or sailing! Image how great it would be in summer! Here’s the place: Rheinsberger Hafendorf

Music is “Down By The Lake – warm, sincere acoustic music” from

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