How much money have you (and I) spent on Steam?

Hey folks,
long time, no post. This time it’s not a post on Civilization V Scenarios either. This one is about how much cash I spent on my Steam Library. Not surprisingly, I have spent plenty (details below). Finding out how much exactly and on what ain’t so easy – that’s why I just created a little spreadsheet for it. So, don’t ask yourself how much you might have spent, just find out in my Steam Calculator spreadsheet.

Why is there no overview on Steam about how much you have spent?

Well: There is an overview. If you click your profile image -> Account Details -> View purchase history you’ll get to a nice overview of all your purchases. The problem with that is:

  • There are no totals.
  • There are no filters.

So how am I supposed to know

  1. How much have I spent on Steam Games?
  2. How much have I spent on Steam Trading Cards?

Google the whole thing! This article on CNET explains how one can easily get a combined total via this official Steam Help page. But again: That’s only the entire spending. I still want to know how much of that have I spent on all my Steam Games!

The Steam Calculator Spreadsheet does the math for you!

To not torture you any longer: Here’s the Spreadsheet -> Steam Spending Calculator to copy.

Now: How much did my Steam Library cost?

I have bought plenty of games. Not crazy plenty, but enough. I also have purchased even more Trading Cards (because gamification works on me…).

What the data says:

In almost 10 years on Steam I’ve spent around 2000€. My Steam Library, so all my 182 games (to date), account for around 1600€ (80%). The remaining 400€ were spent on trading cards. You might think

What? 400 bucks on digital trading cards?

As stated above: Gamification works on me. Give me achievements (e.g. for Civilization V) and I’ll try to achieve them. I need to finish things. Give me a Profile and I’ll fill it. On Steam the way to pimp your profile is through increasing your Steam Level and the prime way to do that is by crafting game badges.

PS: While writing this post I asked my girlfriend “Am I spending too much?” Her response was priceless: “I don’t care. You love this. But you could cancel your idle gym membership!”

Let me know in the comments: How much have you spent on Steam?

Steam Calculator: How much have you spent on Steam? Trading Cards, Badges, Steam Level

2 thoughts on “How much money have you (and I) spent on Steam?”

  1. Seeing as no one else has commented, I tried to come up with a rough estimate and got about 1k. Unlike you I don’t really care for badges. The only reason I got as many as I did was so I could have a bigger friends list.

    That said there are perhaps one or two hundred more dollars that might be unaccounted for by buying things through 3rd party sites. Steam doesn’t track those and to find all the items I’ve traded for or bought over the years would be way to much effort. I really enjoy your blog and I hope 2021 is a good year for us all!

    1. Hi there! May this year be a better one indeed! 🙂
      Very true: Interesting how all games activated on Steam via code count as “free”. Fair enough for them to not show up as purchase, but their value is indeed missing from the library.

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