2019 Gaming in Review

Last year, alongside family time, professional development and traveling, I also played some games. 2019 Gaming in Review is my way of sharing what I played, liked and strongly disliked. Some of what I played, I even finished, and added them to my list of perfect games on Steam:

  1. Fist of Awesome
  2. Trüberbrook
  3. Eventide: Slavic Fable
  4. Armored Kitten
  5. Poly Bridge
  6. Tales from the Borderlands

The year started with still a lot of Civilization, but I didn’t come around to finishing the blog posts yet.

For example I played a lot of Fall of Rome on Deity difficulty with various factions. Some nice insights will follow later this year. I also played the Into the Renaissance scenario with Sweden and won. But unlike with other civilizations I didn’t stop there: I played several hundred rounds more and defeated every other faction and conquered all of Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.

2019 Gaming in Review - Civ V - Into the Renaissance: Sweden conquering everything
Civ V – Into the Renaissance: Sweden conquering everything

When we moved house, gaming stagnated, and when I picked it up again, I played mostly casual games:

2019 Gaming in Review - Fist of Awesome
Fist of Awesome 194x Combo

Fist of Awesome for example is a really nice little beat’em’up. Funny story to play (once) and funny characters and opponents. Unfortunately the achievements would take years to complete without changing some game configurations, so achievement-hunters beware!

Support your local game development scene: Trüberbrook is an adventure game made in Germany and is well worth playing. The story is cool, the puzzles are of medium difficulty and it’s just a few hours of solid adventure fun. A nice walk down memory lane if you played games in the 80s and 90s. Only with better graphics.

Eventide was the first hidden object game I ever played. I kind of missed that trend both in my childhood and then in the 2010s when they became popular on Facebook and mobile devices. I had purchased the game on Steam Sale a while ago. Good fun, but nothing I would engage in more often.

2019 Gaming in Review - Eventide
Eventide: Don’t miss the final achievement on the last page!
(Otherwise you’ll have to replay the game)

Armored Kitten – hands off! I’ve played this game, but it’s a pain. Nothing more. 20 minutes of fun, hours of grinding to complete it. Just don’t even spend 50 cents on this.

Polybridge is just a great game! I’ve played it on and off over the course of 1.5 years and finally finished it end of 2019. 105 levels of great bridge building fun deserve a separate blog post that will follow here.

2019 Gaming in Review - Polybridge
One of the toughest levels in Polybridge

December 2019 I concluded with yet another masterpiece from Telltale Games: Tales from the Borderlands! And what shall I say: An amazing story, your decisions matter, as always in Telltale games, great characters you start caring about and surprising twists. I finished this one just on the 31st of December.

So much for 2019 Gaming in Review.
Let’s see what 2020 brings!

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