Humor Expert

Why I consider myself a Humor Expert

Back in 2010 (amongst others) this story went viral: Literally the “Humor” section of Microsofts Competency knowledge base. In our company it was Mike, developer in one of the teams I was honored to ScrumMaster for, who spread this competency. Ever since I consider myself a Humor Expert and wanted to brag with having reached expert level in “Humor”. Only now that I finally set up a blog I can do so. It’s only three years old and yet classic:

Microsoft humor proficiency level

You want to learn more about humor?
You have been told, you’re overdoing it sometimes?
You’re a recruiter trying to find out whether an applicant has the skill?
Microsoft can help! Check it out!

Here’s the current URL on

Here’s the entire competencies overview:

Here a great TEDx talk about the topic that really helps highlight the importance of humor in the work place and generally in life. Oh and it’s actually funny, too!

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