Civilization 5 Scenario 1066: Year of Viking Destiny Map

1066: Year of Viking Destiny Map

The Civilization 5 Scenario “1066: Year of Viking Destiny” is one of the simpler scenarios I’ve played so far. As it’s only 70 turns, the map apparently is not as big as for example the Into the Renaissance Map. Also: As opposed to other maps, the Year of Viking Destiny map is not dynamic, resources will be in the same spot every game. This is not unimportant when it comes to supplying your Viking hordes of Berserks with Iron.

One remark on the units you see on this map: All screenshots had been taken on Deity difficulty. Meaning: The invading units of Norway you see, are what you get when starting playing the Year of Viking Destiny on Deity. Same as Anglo-Saxon England, Denmark and Normandy: What you see on the map is the units you start with. This means that when you play England, you’ll be confronted with more enemy units than you see here (because the AI always plays on a different level of difficulty). For example there will be Danish units at the coast of East England and also Norwegian units at Chester.

Download the Map (high resolution)

Civilization 5 Year of Viking Destiny MapFor taking the screenshots for the Viking Destiny map, I didn’t have to start dozens of games – the starting locations originate from my Deity games and I discovered Ireland and Wales with 2 dedicated Settler-games playing England and Norway. Also since the map is smaller it took only 40 screenshots.

Download the high resolution (3231x3737x8b) version of the “1066: Year of Viking Destiny” scenario map by clicking the image and save from the popup or right behind this link.

City States on the 1066: Year of Viking Destiny Map

There are 9 City States spread across the map. Five of them resemble the regional powers in Wales and Scotland:

  1. Northumbria (Horses)
  2. Galloway (Horses and Iron)
  3. Scotland (Horses and Iron)
  4. Gwynned (no resources but Longbowmen)
  5. Powys (no resources but Longbowmen)

The second group are City States representing the Irish provinces/counties:

  1. Dublin
  2. Meath
  3. Connacht
  4. Munster

While all City States on Great Britain are of fundamental strategic importance, the ones on Ireland are merely decoration. On higher levels of difficulty playing England you will ally with one or two of them, but their units will never see real battle. Playing the invading Norman and Viking nations, you’ll never bother with City States on Ireland.

Bottom line the Year of Viking Destiny Map draws a very detailed picture of early medieval England just as the Viking Destiny scenario very well depicts the Norman conquest.

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  1. With all respect, but the map is useless. City names are all too small, and the map can only be slightly enlarged.

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