Civilization 5 Scenario Rise of the Mongols Map

Rise of the Mongols Map

This scenario in Civilization 5 is pretty straightforward: On Deity you have to conquer EVERYONE! The Rise of the Mongols Map is not dynamic, so you can use this to plan your conquest. Or look at the resources and plan which cities to keep and which ones to raze.

Download the Map (high resolution)

Civilization 5 Rise of the Mongols Map

I took the screenshots in a game of Rise of the Mongols on settler difficulty to easily discover everything. It’s pretty easy: If you’re not the warmonger you used to be, all civilizations will agree to Open Borders. For some 75G even Japan agrees to that. Barbarian encampments provide a steady source of income (50G each) and quickly the map unveils. Most parts of the map were created of only about 15 screenshots of the strategic view.

Please excuse some of the glitches on the map – I had to start another game and patch some fields where Russia and India founded additional cities. I never had that while conquering the map. Seems like they expand when not threatened by the phantom menace in the East.

Download the high resolution (3871x1692x24b) version of the “Rise of the Mongols” scenario map by clicking the image!

City States on the Rise of the Mongols Map

Here’s a list of all City States on the map including comments on their impact on the game or recommendations how to deal with them. The general advice is not to bother with them as that will only slow down your mongol hordes in their conquest.

Western Xia


Western Xia will be the first city you conquer. Mainly because it provides a good position to attack North-China.



Korea wouldn’t be worth conquering if it wasn’t your only way to Japan. So it must fall quickly.



Being friends with them is nice, so see if there’s barbarian encampments around to wipe out. Otherwise you shouldn’t conquer more city states than necessary.



You will only get to know them when China allies with them and they declare war on you. Nice decoration to make the Rise of the Mongols Map more realistic, but otherwise useless.

Dai Viet


See Dai Viet. Unlike them you might want to befriend them in the late game to get the food bonus. But then again this increases population growth and unhappiness…



Deep in the Himalayas. No need to meet or conquer. Befriend later if you have left over money (which you can’t or don’t want to spend on Keshiks anymore).



Controls 1-2 tiles of the Silk Road pass, so you don’t want to be at war later to not slow down your units on their way west.



The Abbasids are crucial to success. In my game I allied with them (just in order not to have to fight them). Arabia attacked them soon after, spend some units on it and captured them. So I had to take the Abbasids eventually (and you can not liberate City States), but at least it saved fighting too much Arabian and Abbasid units.



In my first attempt to the Rise of the Mongols scenario I captured Georgia and send some troops north through the Caucasus towards Russia. This takes much too long though and Georgia is an unnecessary distraction…

Crusader States


Raze Damascus (captured from Arabia) because you can not raze the Crusader States. Unfortunately you’ll have to capture them, because most likely they will be allies of Arabia and at war with you.Unfortunately they own 1-2 tiles around Sinai peninsula, blocking your quick march on Cairo – that’s what seals their fate.



Yet another unimportant City State on the Rise of the Mongols map. They’re cultured, but will be allied with one of the western nations by the time you meet them. So you’ll be at war with them eventually. They have riflemen already and are a tough nut to crack. Just avoid them (which is not difficult).

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