Holy Shit! Good Friday Magic Draft

Good Friday: In Germany there are some pretty bad days when it comes to amusement. They’re called “Stille Tage” (quiet days). On days like this public amusement events, dancing and live music etc. are prohibited. In short: Some of the most boring days of the year.

Me and my friends Ercan, Joao and Peter were looking for a booster draft tournament in one of the magic stores in Berlin. Unfortunately due to aforementioned restrictions, there was no Friday Night Magic on Good Friday. “Holy Shit!” we thought — how can that be a good Friday then? This is how we decided:

“Holy Shit! Good Friday Magic Draft is on!”

Aether Revolt Magic DraftAs a while ago in our Fyber Aether Revolt Magic Draft we went for the artifact heavy current edition, splashed with a bit of Kaladesh. Total boosters: 12. 8 Aether Revolt, 4 Kaladesh.

Since it was only four players, drafting was quick and each of us only needed to play three matches. We finished all in one evening everyone vs. everyone.

There was no nice Bomb in the first rounds I got, so I played a draft deck entirely without rare or legendary cards:

My Good Friday Draft Deck

I played a Green and Black deck with a splash of red for (too little) control and removal:

Holy Shit Good Friday Draft

Creatures (13)
Winding Constrictor
Fairgrounds Trumpeter
Peema Outrider
Aether Herder
Scrounging Bandar
Defiant Salvager
Thriving Rats
Maulfist Squad
Ambitious Aetherborn
Night Market Aeronaut
Foundry Hornet
Fretwork Colony

Spells, Enchantments (10)
Unlicensed Disintegration
Unbridled Growth
Underhanded Designs
Perilous Predicament
Resourceful Return
Renegade’s Getaway

Artifacts (7)
Verdant Automaton
Weldfast Monitor
Filigree Crawler
Universal Solvent
Implement of Malice
Lands (16)
Aether Hub

Results of the Holy Shit Good Friday Magic Draft

I personally had an intense Good Friday Night Magic: Against all three of my opponents I lost the first match. Against each of my opponents I had to mulligan at least once. Fortunately each time I won both the second and the final best-of-three matches, thus winning my first (however small) Magic Draft! Holy Shit! 😀

One of the highlights was for sure the fact that of the boosters we played with Peter got the Herald of Anguish, whilst Ercan got lucky with Ajani Unyielding. Both were the bombs of their draft decks and always the game changer or final step to their victories.

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